Remembering Don Carlos

Yesterday we lost our friend Don Carlos. On Easter, he stepped out of this world and into the light of heaven. Our hearts are broken, along with the hearts of so many. Don Carlos was beloved by our family, our staff, our volunteers, and our clients.

His passing leaves an empty chair and a silence. Every morning he would arrive at our center to read the newspaper and drink a cup of coffee. We welcomed him to spend the day with us every day. Jon would spend time playing checkers with him, Ericka would fix his coffee, Edwin would joke with him, and everyone on our staff loved him like we would a beloved older uncle. His booming voice would call to Jon through the office, and he would rap on the door with his cane. Every volunteer that served at our center knew Don Carlos. It’s strange now to not see him in the morning light, drinking his coffee, and sharing his thoughts on the news.

We are humbled and grateful that God called us to love Don Carlos in his last days on this earth. He was a special and important part of our little community. We can’t take care of him anymore, but he shared with us his faith in God and so now we trust him into God’s caring hands.

Thank Don Carlos for blessing us, for touching the hearts of so many volunteers, and for reminding us about love and service to others. We will miss you so very much.

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8 Responses to Remembering Don Carlos

  1. Praising God today because Don Carlos now has a beautiful home in heaven! So blessed to have met him here on earth.

  2. He will be in Gods presence and always in our hearts, I can’t stop thinking about his histories and faith of God I will miss him like a grandfather

  3. Such a wonderful man will be missed and will leave a legacy of love and kindness. He is rejoicing in heaven with his Father forever! I pray to his friends on earth that they feel comfort in knowing God is preserving his life.


  4. Blessed to have gotten to meet this precious man! He left his mark in this world and will be missed by all who knew him!

  5. When I met Don Carlos he reminded me of my father who has since gone on to be with Jesus
    When I saw him again in December 2014 it was as if I was visiting again with my dad.
    What a blessing for our team to be able to provide a bed for him. He slept in comfort his last few months.
    Today he is rejoicing with the angels and maybe, just maybe he is playing dominos with my dad.

  6. How AWESOME is our God that He would honor Don Carlos by demonstrating His resurrection life & power by raising him up on Resurrection Sunday! We honor this precious Man of God & celebrate his life, legacy & his final victory! Oh death where is your sting!

    We know how very sprecial he was to you personally & to MTES & we feel a measure of your grief as we release him to the Lord.

    He taught me how to play dominos in December 2014. He won EVERY game! I have many photos of Don Carlos as he LOVED getting his photo taken. Precious memories!

  7. It will be so very different without him. He was such a wonderful man and a blessing to be around. With all that he went through to see the smile on his face was inspiring.

  8. What a perfect time & amazing way for God to honor the life of Don Carlos by demonstrating His resurrection life & power in it’s fullness on Resurrection Sunday! GLORY!!! We celebrate the life, legacy, & homegoing of Don Carlos & we share in your grief as you release this precious Man of God to the Lord! Don Carlos taught me how to play dominos in December 2014 but he didn’t teach me well because he won every game. LOL! We can attribute that to the communication gap or maybe he only gave me a lesson in part so that he could maintain his status & title as “Dominos Champion”! I have many photos of Don Carlos….he has left a mark on our hearts! Thank you MTES for the opportunity to experience”love in action”!…..Richard & Karen Graham & KCMI Mission to El Salvador Team

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