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A few Sundays ago, my kids had a chance to see all of their church friends from Discovery Christian Church! This happened because of Skype. This is one way to stay connected. I am so grateful that we are working as missionaries during a time in history when we have the internet that allows us to stay so closely connected to our friends and family. Even just one hundred years ago, missionaries would leave for the mission field and many were never to be seen or heard from again! Often, they packed all of their belongings in a coffin so their body could be sent back to their family if they died! The face of missions is very different today with Facebook, blogs, e-mail, and skype. We enjoy taking full advantage of these methods of communication, and we were so happy to touch base with Discovery!

Discovery has been such a support to us, and we appreciate being able to keep in touch with them! They give us finanical support, pray for us, help us with our accounting and mailings, collect donations, and send short-term teams. The recent Golf Outing Fundraiser raised more money for teams to come next year to complete more projects to help needy kids in El Salvador. We honestly couldn’t be doing all that we are doing here, without such a great connection with our home church. Thank you Discovery for all that you do for El Salvador!

It took a few minutes for the kids to recognize everyone, but then they were excited to see their friends’ faces on the computer screen!

Ian was all smiles as he chatted away, waving his El Salvadoran flag.

The kids were a little shy at first, but eventually answered the kids’ questions. Some funny ones, “Do you ride a donkey?” and “Do you live in a house?”


Of course Ian had to show off his truck…by holding it in his mouth!

3 Responses to Staying Connected

  1. I am so impressed with your new lives. I just found this today after a year. PopPop gets on and I miss alot by
    not being near Hes on off. I’ so proud of you Danielle
    finishing your DTS especilly down there.Praying daily for all of you.The children are so big.Your Mom Jon keeps us informed.I keep talking you up whereever I go.So blessed to see your work for the Lord.Love you all

  2. We love being in touch with you guys and have so much we can learn from you! Having the kids at church a part of it all is such a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We need to Skype again with our upper elementary class. I thought it was funny when they asked you where you get your food! It’s so easy to assume you live in a grass hut and have to hunt for your food or something! Helping you in any way possible is the least we can do. We are behind you guys 100%! Love ya!

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