Guys Day Out

This past Saturday, Jon had a “guys day out.” But it wasn’t like any other “guy’s day out” that he might have participated in during his past life (as I like to call our pre-El Salvador days). Instead of hunting or taking in a football game, he was hanging out on the beach with 19 homeless guys. These are some of the guys that we have met through the homeless ministry that is going on at the YWAM base. These guys have gotten more and more connected to Jon. He told them that he would take them to the beach for a fun day off the streets, and he asked them to meet him at the base at 8:30 on Saturday morning.

Well, they were there at 6:30…ringing the bell…chanting “Jon, Jon”…and waking up everyone who lives at the base!

When Jon met them at 8:30, 19 guys piled into two pick-up trucks. Along with Jon and some of the other staff and students, there were 26 people! The trucks were a little loaded down as they headed to the beach. The beach, by the way, was something that many of these guys had never seen in their lives even though they live 25 miles from the beach!

The best part of the day was that these guys got to have fun without alcohol, without drugs, and without sniffing glue. They made sandcastles, they played soccer, they buried each other in the sand, and they got to be kids! Even though some of them are adults, they’ve never had the chance to be kids a day in their lives.

Living on the streets of a major city in Latin America is not a fun place to be. There are literally millions of people growing from children to adults on the streets of cities like San Salvador all throughout Latin America. They live in darkness…you can feel it when you walk down the street. There is hopelessness, there is despair, and there is no light.

On Saturday, they spent the day in the light. And they felt hope, and by spending the day with Jon and with the other staff, they spent the day with Jesus. They experienced His love. Thank you for those of you who are praying for these young men and boys. Please continue to pray. There are powerful forces of addiction and despair ruling their lives.  They need to know Jesus personally…and so we will continue to love them and to bring the hope of Jesus into their lives.  

Loaded up and ready to go!

The guys were so excited to go to the beach for the day!

Playing soccer on the beach!

Taking a break from the sun for some lunch.

Some of the DTS students came along too. Have to mention that I love the Discovery KidQuest shirt in the picture too!

The guys loved getting buried in the sand…later they love burying Jon too!

Building sandcastles was also a blast…the guys had a great day!


5 Responses to Guys Day Out

  1. Love this! What a wonderful way to bring joy into these guys’ lives – we’re so proud of you, Jon! “They spent the day with Jesus” – so true. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Jon,
    Reading this brings me such joy. I loved the phrase about bringing these men into the light. You have given them such a gift in this day. I can hear your love for them and this is the witness that works. And besides, wasn’t it fun?

  3. Love the pictures…I am glad that I can pray for some of them by name now. I can only imagine how excited and over-the-top Louis was that morning. Miss you all!


  4. What a treat for these guys! No better way to spend the day than building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus! Keep up those creative ways to bless those in El Salvador! So very proud of you!

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