Survival Kits for the Holidays

Perhaps the most amazing miracle we have seen in 2020 is unexpected sobriety for our clients. It began in the quarantine shelter that we opened during the strictest phase of El Salvador’s lockdown, and since that time 9 of our clients have had tremendous success in their recovery.

Many of them are now facing their biggest challenge yet…the Christmas break. Our regular programs are on hold for the holidays, so our team has worked hard to develop a strategy to provide the best possible plan of success for our clients.

Through a series of therapy sessions, we have rolled out “kits” for vacation providing all kinds of tools to help our clients manage the free time, triggers, and other stress that the holidays bring. The kits include an exercise guide, motivational phrases, a journal to process thoughts and struggles, devotionals for each day of the break covering relevant topics, a brochure about internet safety, and a list of suggested movies to fill the time. Because a lack of structure is the great enemy of recovery, our team has responded with options to keep our clients focused and continuing in their healing processes.

These toolkits exist to provide a place for each client to turn when they become overwhelmed during their spare time so that they have what they need to provide some structure for themselves. Our staff is also committing to pray for our clients each day at 5pm for 5 minutes so that they will know we are with them every step of the way.

This year has been full of so many ups and downs for each of these clients. They have overcome so much in the face of incredible challenge and adversity. Our hearts are full as we celebrate their successes, and we are excited to keeping cheering them on. We invite each of you to join us as we accompany them in prayer during this holiday season, so that they will return healthy, safe, and ready to keep moving forward in 2021!

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