Together We Give

One of the things that has continued to strike me about 2020 is the depth of global suffering. The world has been united in grief, in sickness, in sorrow, and in disappointment. The loss of family members, the closing of businesses, and the cancelling of graduations have been felt in every corner of the world.

Of course, in some countries the losses have been greater, and the recovery will be harder. But there is a sense of global solidarity in suffering. There is a sense that none of us are alone in this, despite our isolation…it still all seems so heavy, doesn’t it?

But what if we decided to turn the tables and instead rally together in global generosity? In global kindness? And in global hope?

Every year, Giving Tuesday is a global movement of generosity, and this year we will be participating once again in this special day. If your heart feels led to give to El Salvador, we surely need it! But whatever your situation, our challenge to you is that you do something.

Maybe it’s a friendly gesture to a neighbor that you haven’t had a chance to meet yet despite months of quarantine. Or a prayer for someone who you know is walking through some heavy things. Perhaps it’s just a simple, anonymous act of kindness. Maybe you feel a nudge to volunteer your time, or to give with your resources. Whatever it is…just give and give generously.

We will be continuing this wave of generosity as we move toward the Christmas season with the launch of our first ever giving event here in El Salvador. We are looking forward to celebrating “El Salvador Gives” week during the second week in December. Of course we need the financial gifts and donations but much more than that our desire is to see people united around generosity and kindness instead of tragedy.

This really is God at work in our hearts isn’t it? The refusal to give up, the resistance to despair, and the drive to continue to give and serve and love in the face of suffering. And so we invite you to join us in generosity in the midst of global tragedy.

Together we give.


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