Teaming up with YWAM Guatemala City

This week we are going to be partnering with a team from the YWAM Guatemala City base. They are in El Salvador for a week long outreach as part of the Discipleship Training School at that base. It’s a large team with 19 adults and three children (two babies and an almost four year old). We are looking forward to doing some ministry with them this week. With only five staff members at YWAM El Salvador plus Tori, Ian, and myself sometimes it is hard to do bigger outreaches into the community. It will be a great opportunity having this group. We enjoyed meeting them tonight and look forward to a great week! After this team we have one coming from Belize and then one from Costa Rica. It will be great to hear from them what other ministries are going on right now throughout Central America!

On another note, I just wanted to ask for prayers for our family’s health. This has been an ongoing issue for us as we’ve had various illnesses. It seems that we are getting every single virus that is going around, and lately I have had some pretty bad stomach issues. It’s difficult to get done the things I need to do each day, and take care of the kids when I am vomiting! We’re not sure if it’s just another round of “adjusting” to the climate, food, and germs but please pray for health as well as patience with each other as someone seems to constantly be sick in our house! Thanks for your prayers…we appreciate you so much!

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  1. I believe this is a spiritual attack fighting against all the good that you have accomplished so far in El Salvador for the Lord. Remember, though, Satan can fire those firey darts, but the Lord will have the ultimate victory! It is God’s job to heal and ours to stay healthy…physically and spiritually! Get good sleep, eat well and mostly importantly pray and stay in the Word! He promises to be there for us and to supply ALL we need! Praying that you will feel His presence like never before!

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