Thanks Discovery!

Today we were thrilled to receive a package from Discovery sent by way of Stacie Salva, the Children and Family minister at the church. Discovery Christian Church is our home church and we miss it so much being here in El Salvador. The kids often ask about their friends, so you can imagine their joy and excitement when they opened the package today! Inside were cards made by all of the kids in their classes back at Discovery. They spent probably close to an hour just pouring over each one and talking about their friends back in the States. There was also some candy in there for the kids (and us) so we were all very excited about that!

Discovery is a great church…we’ve never been anywhere quite like it and we definitely feel a void not being there each week. If you live in the Pittsburgh area you need to check it out!  They just revamped their website so take a look at . Our kids obviously have loved it there…they still talk about it all the time. Thanks everyone for thinking of us and thanks kids for making the cards! Here are a few pictures of Tori and Ian enjoying the creative artwork:

They had all the cards spread out on Tori's bed!



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  1. Those pictures are great! I hope it was an encouragement to you all! Especially the Twilight candy! 😉 I could not resist when I saw those! I liked the “bite me” heart too! I served them at journey group!You are missed and thought about often. Keep hanging in there with your Spanish tutoring and adjustments you’ve had to make. You are an encouragement to all of us!

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