Today’s blog was written by Katia Peña, one of our case coordinators in the Lighthouse Resource Center

Recently, I have seen how bountiful a harvest can be if we sow with love, and the blessings we can reap have been surprising. Sowing with love means keeping our commitment to God to share his love with others.

I remember first finding a couple sleeping on the street a few years ago. They were without hope, lost in drugs and alcohol and without any reason to share love with anyone at all.

But I also know our group of people surrounded them, offered them food, and invited them to the Lighthouse Resource Center to share a plate of food and a special time of connection.

This couple expressed distrust, but then hesitantly received what was shared with them. Then, little by little they discovered that a simple plate of food had something special, something more. It was full of love and hope, and over the last two years it has become a bountiful harvest and now we can see how love has changed these lives.

This couple is no longer sleeping on the streets. They have been transformed and have decided to change the way they are living and they now have the desire in their own hearts to share.

They recently moved into a new place with their son and in gratitude for all that has been sown in them through the Lighthouse Resource Center, the tables have turned. They are the ones working hard to generously share a plate of food full of love and gratitude.

There is no doubt that when we are in God’s love and sharing that love, the harvest with be full of bountiful blessings. Thank you friends for a plate full of love.




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