Tornadoes on Volcanoes

Here is a special post for all you weather geeks out there!

Yesterday evening as Ian and I pulled into our driveway, he pointed at a crazily spinning cloud just down the hill from our house. The clouds whirled around each other and a small funnel cloud began to fall down from the cloud. We called to Jon and Tori and soon we were all watching the birth of a tornado.

From our vantage point, we could watch the clouds spinning apart, then together, until a definite tornado was visible. It was a wisp of a twister that we could see right through until it moved down the volcano and out of sight. 

I’ve never seen a tornado before, so even this tiny one was a big thrill! Thankfully it did no damage aside from  blowing trash through the streets as it moved down the volcano and into the city but it was truly amazing to watch the clouds meet the earth.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap a good photo, but I was able to pull one off of an environmenal site, and I did get a picture of the tornado-birthing sky in our backyard.

By the way, tornadoes are definitely NOT common in El Salvador!

Yesterday evening’s sky from our kitchen window.

The funnel cloud moving down the volcano into the city.

Photo credit: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales

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  1. very interesting indeed! Several years ago Jesus gave me an incredible dream about tornados waiting to “be released in San Salvador.” Their purpose was to crisscross the country but I saw them sitting off the coast initially, then whey were upon the people in San Salvador. Holy Spirit gave me tremendous insight about what the tornadoes represented spiritually, but it was clear to me that He did NOT dismiss the fact that there would be tornadoes IN EL SALVADOR. I have shared this with many church groups over the last several years. Blessings, Wilson Fauber, missionary to El Salvador. Staunton, Virginia USA.

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