Yes, I am a Slacker

I have been completely slacking off on this blog. Life is running away with us these days since we’ve been back in El Salvador. So here’s the short list of what we’ve been doing instead of blogging:

Connecting…Lots of new doors and connections have been opened up since our trip and we are excited about new opportunities to serve the streets in El Salvador!

Expanding…The El Faro ministry is all set to expand with new workshops, new woman are becoming involved in the Free the Girls program, and I’ve had some new opportunties to work with girls at risk in San Salvador.

Circling…We’ve been in a holding pattern with a few transitions in our ministry, but we will update you soon!

Appearing on national television…Ok, so Jon and I haven’t been on TV, but the kids were this week. They did a karate demo with some other kids from their karate school. So random, so fun!

So I haven’t been totally slacking, just mostly slacking in my blogging. But I’m going to do better…really…I promise!

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