We’re Here!

We just wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know that we made it to El Salvador! We flew into San Salvador just a few hours ago.  We were met at the airport by our friends Kurt and Susan Ackermann, and also our YWAM teammates Fran and Judy Garcia, and their friend Sofia. It was great to have so many to welcome us to our new hometown! We are currently staying in the Ackermanns’ Mission House in San Salvador. They have bedrooms and dormrooms to accomodate teams, families in the process of adopting, and homeless wanderers such as ourselves! Tomorrow we are going to look for a house and a car, but hopefully tonight we can rest! We left for the airport at 3am and said good-bye to Nana and Papa Frech, and Uncle Jamie, so it has been a long day! The kids did surprisingly well on the airplanes. They both slept through most of the second flight which was a blessing to us as we were pretty exhausted. They got restless while we were going through customs, but we made it! We also had the added benefit of a friend we know from La Casa De Mi Padre being on the same flight as us…pretty cool! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support…we’re so glad to finally be here after a rough week of saying good-bye to friends and family.

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  1. YAY!!! We’re so happy you’re safely there and ready to move ahead in your life in El Salvador! We miss you very much but we are so happy that you made it through the last several weeks and can now move forward in your ministry. Thanks for letting us know that the kids did well also. We will be praying for your house and car search – that results will come quickly! And of course we are praying for the journey of your container! We love you so much!
    Mom, Dad, Jamie and Elise (we’re all here eating turkey leftovers)

  2. We’re are thankful to know you had a safe trip, and things went ok. Did the dogs make it? We’ll be keeping you guys in our prayers, hopefully you’ll find a house and a car tomorrow.
    Rest, give the kids hugs, be safe and keep us posted.
    enjoy reading your updates.
    take care,love ya
    dawn and Uncle Dale

  3. Great to hear from you! Sounds like God is already answering prayers! I’m so glad you had a good trip and it sounds like you have great friends already to help you through the process down there! We love and miss you already! I know God will provide for you!

    Stacie Salva

  4. Hey guys! I’m so excited to hear that you are there and that you got to rest last night! Like your mom, my prayer will be for your housing and car and for patience as you go about this process! I’m also excited because I can access your blog at school, so I can keep up even if I can’t get to FB here. Love you guys! Lynn

    PS. Meghan, and my parents were asking about your flight and have been praying for you too…it is a cool thing to be able to talk about as a family…thanks for letting us share in this adventure with you!

  5. Let the adventure begin! I can’t help but liken these past 9 months to giving birth! You have successfully made it through the nine months of “labor pains” and now have given “birth” to the new season of your life. Keep the faith and keep your eyes on the Lord. He promises to guide our every step! He has a plan bigger and better than we could ever imagine! Love and miss you guys! Hugs and kisses! Mom

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