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We’ve been here for only five days, and it feels like we’ve been all over and all around San Salvador! We’ve been looking for a house, and a car, as well as setting up bank accounts, getting government documentation, and just trying to figure things out. It’s been an exhausting few days, but so exciting. I keep thinking I need to pinch myself because we are really here!

This morning I had some free time to sit on the front porch at the Mission House here and just reflect on where we’ve been. It’s unbelievable to me that this time last year El Salvador really wasn’t even in my mind except for the short-term trip that we were planning on taking in January. I didn’t have a desire to move here, or to live here, or to raise my kids here. What a difference a year makes! It’s so incredible to me how God has worked in my heart, and I think it’s a privilege that He has worked so tirelessly to open my eyes to what is going on in El Salvador, what He is doing, and how I can be a part of it. So nine months after our initial decision I am sitting here writing this and just feeling really grateful.

God has truly taken care of us already. The last few weeks I felt that He was right by my side as I said some hard good-byes. That final leaving was a hard road to walk, but He was right there with me the entire time. Since we’ve gotten here this week He has been providing right from the beginning. All of our travels and our entry into the country went so smoothly – how amazing considering that I had no idea how the kids would do. He has also provided us with such great friends in our lives already. Kurt and Susan Ackermann have given their time to help us all week long. We would be so lost without them, and they are truly a gift from God! Many others here have welcomed us and our kids and helped us in so many ways…thank you God for providing!

We also were able to secure a house this morning. We will be renting a beautiful house with plenty of space for our family (and visitors…hint,hint) for a very reasonable price in a safe area of the city. It is also close to several families that we know here in San Salvador. We looked at 15 houses and God brought us to the perfect one with a great landlord to work with too! The house has a great view, as well as an avocado tree, mango tree, orange tree, and lime tree. Many months ago when we decided to move here I remember thinking it would be so nice to have an avocado tree…just a passing thought, but now we have one. Something that was said in training is that we wouldn’t believe the little expectations that God exceeds even in our new host country. So, thank you God for the avocado tree, and for looking out for us here in El Salvador!

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  1. God has such a tender heart for His children. I love the avocado tree. That’s a love letter from Him. I noticed your comment about the view as well and remember you telling me that you hoped for a good view. Can you see the ocean? He loves you so much! We do too! Can’t wait to visit you in your new home!
    Much love, Mom

  2. No ocean view…San Salvador is 45 minutes from the ocean. It does have a view of a mountain looking one way, and the city looking another way. You can see the view from the upstairs terrace…very pretty.

  3. Very happy for you and Jon. Love reding your posts, Please keep us up dated. Send me your address and I’ll send some Cookies (snickerdoodles and pumpkin cookies)!! Thinking about you often, thankful things are going smoothly. I imagine you are exhausted, very overwhelming move. Get some rest, give the kids hugs!!
    love ya,

  4. When we get settled I will give everyone our address. You would love the weather here…so much nicer than New Castle! Snickerdoodles sound delicious!

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