Pretty much everything I try to plant and grow dies. I don’t do a great job of pulling the weeds out at the right time, or giving the plants the right amount of water to drink. I don’t block the sun or allow it to shine in the right amounts. In short, I’m not very good at cultivating green things.

When I think of cultivating I think of creating an environment where growth can happen. Setting things up, adding the right elements, taking the right obstacles away, and then setting the plants free to do their thing.

I like to think that maybe community can work in a similar way. What if we could cultivate a community? Feed it, protect it, help it to grow? That would truly be something worth investing in, wouldn’t it?

There are a lot of obstacles, weeds, that rise up and try to choke out a healthy community. In our case, those things include not only relationship dynamics but additional stressors like violence and poverty. Add in unhealthy power imbalances, abuse, exploitation, addictions, deportations, a criminal justice system that doesn’t always work…and you have people that are struggling to grow just like a flower might fight to crack through the pavement.

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So what can we do?

We believe that with God’s help, we can do a lot. We can facilitate spaces where community can thrive. We can offer opportunities. We can strengthen healthy relationship bonds and work to expose unhealthy ones. We can shine the light of the Gospel onto those fledgling plants working their way up, and we can do our very best to find solutions to weed out the obstacles that stand in the way of healthy growth.

And the most important ingredient of all to growing a strong community? People, of course!

Relationships, connections…people. Walking with each other through the ups and downs. Being present in the life of someone when they hit that brick wall or that rock bottom. Celebrating with someone when they pull out that weed. We want to do all that we can to grow a strong community in the programs that we offer. A community based on the truths of God’s word and the love of His people.

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You know what? We need you to help us do it! Growing a community here in El Salvador means that we need a strong community around all of us. To water us, to let the sun shine, to pull out the weeds. How can you do that? Through prayer, and service, and financial partnership.

And so we invite you in…do you want to join our community? Let’s grow together! You can join our “GROWING COMMUNITY” campaign by making a donation here. You want to come and serve with us? Or commit to pray? Reach out to us at and let’s talk!

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