Today’s blog is shared by Christopher, our New Dawn Residential Program Director. 

If you daily ask yourself what you are willing to do for others, you may come to find that your love for others becomes so great that it leads you to do the impossible. In the Bible, we find a similar story where some friends carried even their paralyzed friend to where Jesus was so that he could be healed.

Their backgrounds and names are unknown. We don’t know where they went to church, or even if they belonged to any particular denomination. But this doesn’t matter, the Bible isn’t interested in giving us these details but rather in showing us what it is that they did. The emphasis is on the compassion and friendship that they had for that unhappy, paralyzed man.

They came to love him and accompany him. They did not come, as in the case of Job’s friends, to engage in philosophical reasoning about the causes of his suffering. They did not visit him like the Pharisees, who were more concerned with being infected than being moved to mercy.

During the week of the August vacations, we opened a time for the graduates of the New Dawn Residential Program to come and be with the current residents. We shared the daily, ongoing struggles of dealing with this disease called addiction.

Without a doubt, the New Dawn Residential Program has become synonymous with refuge, a safe zone, and the place where we feel identified and understood. Having graduates, who after 5 years, continue to participate in the program’s activities says a lot about what the program is all about and what it has meant for each one of them. 

Just like the story mentioned above, there is great commitment on the part of each one of them to support each other even in the most difficult moments. That is why we continue to believe that teens and young adults need support in our Salvadoran society. They continue to be a vulnerable population, and unfortunately, the statistics indicate that the risk factor continues to grow.

The actions taken by these young graduates shows us how this commitment should be lived out…in friendship and forgiveness. They reveal to us that that without compassion we can’t reach those who are lost and in need of the chance to have just one person who believes in them.

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