Natural Disasters

Help for Tornado Victims

This past Sunday, a deadly tornado devastated the town of Joplin, Missouri. The scope and destruction of this disaster is historic and truly terrible. Our home church, Discovery Christian Church, has ties with a church in Joplin. This is a trustworthy place to donate, and a group of people that are already making a difference in the aftermath of this devastating storm. For more information or to donate click on the link below.   Joplin Tornado Information.

Opportunity Amid the Crisis in Japan

As you know, we are working in El Salvador with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).  YWAM is an international organization operating in many countries and in many languages. Right now the YWAM Japan team has their hands full! They are teaming up with an organization called CRASH JAPAN.  This is a network of Japanese churches and organizations who work together to respond to natural disasters of which YWAM is a member. You can check out the full story of what they are doing in Japan by visiting the YWAM website at this address: There is also information on the YWAM webpage about the YWAM Japan blog as well as a website to donate directly to CRASH JAPAN if you would like to do that. We also ask that you pray for our […]

The Ripple Effect

As I am sure everyone is aware, yesterday there was a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan. The destruction and suffering is horrific and historic…a disaster on an unbelievable scale. Yesterday, we had our own little ripple of the disaster here in El Salvador. The tsunami that was spawned by the earthquake travelled thousands of miles around the world, carried by the Pacific Ocean. The effects were felt in Hawaii, the West Coast of the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Honduras, and even here in our little nation of El Salvador. The beach towns were cleared and schools along the coasts were closed for the day. When all was said and done, we only had a slight raise in our wave level. A slight little surge […]

Feeling Vulnerable

El Salvador’s been feeling a little vulnerable this week. Because of El Salvador’s location, it is a country that is very vulnerable to natural disasters. We are located in the isthmus of Central America with a coastline on the Pacific. But the Caribbean is on the coast of our neighbor Honduras, so we receive weather systems from both oceans which can create a large amount of havoc in this tiny country. This week we were slammed with rain from the Caribbean side by Tropical Storm Matthew and Tropical Storm Nicole. We also had wind and rain from a weather system out in the Pacific. The ground was already saturated because we are coming to the end of the rainy season. Flood waters began to run in the streets and towns across the […]

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

Last weekend we got drenched at the beach with Tropical Storm Matthew, and today Tropical Depression 16 is dumping tons of rain on El Salvador, Guatemala, and the rest of Central America. There have already been many mudslides and floods affecting our region, and many departments of El Salvador are on red alert due to the extreme conditions. There have been lives lost already and many are without homes and jobs. Please pray with us that God’s protection would be on El Salvador during the remainder of the rainy season. Thank you for your prayers!

Tropical Storm Agatha

Please pray for Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. We are getting hit with heavy rains from Tropical Storm Agatha. Please especially pray for the coastal areas which are at risk for floods and mudslides. Thanks…we appreciate the prayers!

Earthquake in Chile

If you’ve seen the news at all this morning, then you know that a monster 8.8 quake struck Chile early this morning…that is huge! It also triggered a tsumani which has caused warning for countries all over the Pacific including El Salvador. It looks like Hawaii is going to get hit this afternoon by some big waves and evacuations are under way. With the Haiti quake so fresh in mind I am again reminded of how fragile life is and again my heart aches for those who have lost everything. I also feel a now familiar twinge of fear as I know that El Salvador is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire. We live in an extremely earthquake prone part of the world. The earthquake in Haiti came as somewhat […]

Rebuilding Hope in Haiti – YWAM Haiti

Just thought I’d share this link from the YWAM website with an article and a link about what our mission agency is doing in Haiti. We met a couple in our training at MTI who work with a different agency but will be teaming up with YWAM on their project to help refugees long term. Pretty cool stuff!

Land of Volcanoes

This week has been a stark reminder of how volatile life can be on this planet earth. The devastation in Haiti is staggering. So quickly life can literally be turned upside down. On Monday, we had a minor scare here as a 6.0 earthquake hit off the coast of Guatemala right on the border with El Salvador. Our house had some minor shaking and we had some Salvadorans here at the time and they told us we had better get outside! It’s been the second 6.0 earthquake we’ve experienced since we got here and I can say that I hate the feeling! The earthquakes here are quite frequent but there hasn’t been a bad one since 2001 and I’m hoping not to be dealing with one anytime soon! The geography of […]

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