Short-Term Missions

The Just Church

  We are in the middle of a busy season in our lives, but I’m still trying to make my way through a few books. One of the books I’m reading right now is called “The Just Church.” It’s a book written by International Justice Mission staff member Jim Martin. I’m about halfway through and I’ve already been inspired by the story of his journey to lead his church into becoming a church with a heart of justice. One of the things he mentioned that really resonated with me is the “failure point of faith.” He talks about weight training and how muscles need to fail to become stronger. Our faith is similar. When we are confronted with terrible injustices and horrible things our faith gives out. But it also […]

Discovery Team Gets It Done!

We had a great time with a work team from our sending church, Discovery Christian Church. They have supported us in El Salvador from the very beginning, and they kicked off our fundraising campaign for the ministry center through their BRIX capital campaign. It was so fun to have the first group from Discovery actually see the building and what is going on there. They came with the purpose of laying ceramic tile throughout the building and they worked HARD! Painting, laying tile, sawing, demo, they did a little bit of everything and we are so grateful for all of their hard work!!!! Let’s get to work! Demolition Day! Looks like Tori wants to break some stuff too! Painting, painting, and more painting! Ian wanted to get in on the […]

New Location, New Possibilities

This past week we had our first week of ministry in the new building. After months of renovations, it was exciting to see the first realization of the potential that this new space has! El Faro (The Lighthouse) homeless ministry used the building for the first time and the guys and girls were thrilled with the new shower facilities and indoor space out of the sun. Thank you so much to all of our donors who are making this a possibility, and a special shout-out to Discovery Christian Church who kicked this whole thing off as part of their BRIX capital campaign! The bathrooms have been renovated, additional storage and an extra room have been added, a new outdoor sink has been installed, and the outside of the building has […]

FREE THE GIRLS Pilot Program

Those of you who subscribe to our e-newsletter have already heard the news that we have a great opportunity to work with a wonderful organization called FREE THE GIRLS ! FTG is dedicated to bringing hope and a new future to women who have been exploited through prostitution and sex trafficking. The program provides woman with the chance to make a living selling bras in the lucrative second-hand clothing market. The bras are donated in the United States and sold in countries around the world by these women. FTG has had great success in Africa and you can watch a CNN documentary about their inspirational work by clicking here. We are excited to test this program out in El Salvador! We have several women already signed up to be in the […]

A Dream Come True (or Adventures in Deep Seas Fishing???)

Sometimes I bump into God in the most unexpected places. You’d think that being a missionary would mean that I have some kind of special connection with God, or some “inside track.” A lot of times it’s quite the opposite. I feel lost in the daily things…the little negativities that crawl inside my mind and make their home there. I lose perspective, and I forget that in the middle of it all God deeply cares for us. Then He makes a dream come true. Ever since I was a child if you asked me my dream place to live I would have answered that my dream is to be near the ocean and the mountains. I said this as a kid, but I never really dwelled on it. The other night […]

“That’s How We Roll!”

We were blessed to ring in the New Year with a Canadian team from Possibilities International. They spent the week working hard to serve El Salvador. They built a house for a single mom and her kids in Gerardo Barrios, and then shopped for needed food, clothes, and furniture for the family.  They also began renovations on the ministry center, threw a New Year’s Eve cookout and fireworks bash at CISNA, took the Lighthouse homeless guys to the beach, and fed the hungry on the streets of San Salvador. They packed a lot into one week! “That’s how we roll!” was their mantra as they not only served El Salvador, but also encouraged all of us working on staff at YWAM. We are truly grateful for their love and service with […]


This past month has been one of those crazy busy stretches of life where there isn’t time for ANYTHING, and I’m sorry to say that my blogging has fallen by the wayside for a few weeks. Now I’m back to writing and updating everyone about what’s been happening in El Salvador. So, here are some of the variety of  things that we have been up to lately… We hosted a team from our home church, Discovery Christian Church, who did a lot of awesome things for the kids in El Salvador like put on a carnival in Gerardo Barrios (above), feed the homeless, and work with the girls in a few local children’s homes. File this one under the “wow, that is really random” file! I was on a Salvadoran radio […]

That’s A Wrap

Today we are wrapping up our first ever summer internship! The summer has gone so smoothly, and we really have our two great interns to thank for it! Heather will be flying back to the States tomorrow, and LeAnna will be staying for a few more months to do the Discipleship Training School here at the YWAM base. These girls have just been awesome as they have wrestled through issues of cross-cultural communication, poverty, and how God fits into it all. They have dedicated themselves to serving God and the people of El Salvador with a passion. I have learned so much from them as they have jumped right into ministry. For me, I find that after two and a half years I waver in my passion from time to […]

One Million Lights

Tonight I stood up above the city of the San Salvador, high above one million lights. I was at Los Planes de Renderos and from the lookout I could see San Salvador wrapped around hills and pushed up against the San Salvador volcano. We made a quick stop at the lookout with a group that is volunteering this week from a church in North Carolina. Their oohs and aahs at the beautiful city lights reminded me of my first time standing above the city nearly 3 1/2 years ago. I saw those million lights the very first time I came to El Salvador. Tonight a small voice inside reminded me of what I thought of all those lights the first time I saw them. I remember thinking of the more […]

Intern Orientation Week

I can already tell that this summer is going to fly by! Last week was a great start with our Intern Orientation.  LeAnna and Heather will be working with us to do all of our ministries, get stuff done around the base, and host the teams that will be passing through El Salvador this summer. They are seriously awesome and we feel like we hit the jackpot getting to work with them all summer! Last week they had a full week with orientation to all of our ministries, training that focused on cross-cultural issues, and a brief overview of El Salvador’s culture and history including a visit to a local museum run by an ex-guerilla from El Salvador’s civil war. We ended the week with a trip to go hiking at La […]

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